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LIBRE ANSWERED! ...kinda (can you call this an answer?)

Sep. 25th, 2010 | 12:23 pm
mood: grumpygrumpy

Libre gave an answer!!! Actually, they sent it a week ago, but I was so busy, I didn’t even see until yesterday... >.>

Anyway, here’s what they wrote (it came from the Libre Rights Section):

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A friend pointed out that one of Libre’s biggest problem was the easy availability of raw scans; it’s the Japanese market that apparently stopped buying because they could get it online… as if falling on scanlators is going to change any of that.

Okay, this post is becoming to long, so I’ll just end with this: I was asked what would I do if all the other publishing houses took the same actions as Libre, should I start boycotting every single one of them? Well, no. I’d be happy to go along with them as long as they don’t try to fuck me over like Libre. I only like to be fucked when I AGREE to it. Otherwise... who knows? I’m discovering anger is a really strong emotion. Right now it’s giving me more willpower than I’ve ever had before in my life.

When I argued to R. Pennes that Libre acted in spite of and against the whole fan community, his answer was that Libre is busy publishing books and discovering authors and setting up the magazine, they didn’t have time to go around collecting the fans’ opinion... Really. If they don’t have time for their customers, THEY DON’T DESERVE CUSTOMERS.

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I got an answer

Sep. 14th, 2010 | 11:34 pm
mood: apatheticapathetic

First of all, I wish to thank everyone for the comments. I read all of them – here, on yshare and on free-manga, and that one thread on Aarinfantasy. I’m also a bit taken aback by the feedback… I was honestly expecting a few hate mail and a lot more “What the heck are you thinking you stupid irrational freak” kinda thing. That makes me a bit… subdued? Anyway, thanks. Oh, I also offer my excuses to Nakama, since I ruffled some feathers with my (a bit too) free association.

Now, here’s the news: I got an answer! Nooooo, not from Libre. From the Éditions Asuka – I said I wrote to the publishers to say I was cancelling books originally published by Libre didn’t I? Well, one of them wrote back! (Trust the French to be the one to write back – they’re raised to be argumentative ;P)

A VERY BRIEF RESUME OF RAPHAEL PENNES’ OPINION (M. Pennes is the founder of Asuka).

He stresses that the material used by scanlators are NOT theirs and everything they do is illegal (...as we all know and agree). That said, he used to be one of the earliest manga fans, and professes respect for those who discovered and promoted mangas back in the day, using fanzines, then IRC, then forums… During the last 3 years however, sharing has become global through streaming. For thousands of people, he writes, scanlations are not a step-up to buying the book anymore, but a valid and free alternative to buying a legal copy. All those people reading from streaming sites DON’T visit the scanlators’ sites anymore, and they’re unaware of the whole latent philosophy underlying the scanlation world (sharing between a select few and in respect – as far as possible – of the author’s rights). It results in mangas still being available even after they’ve been licensed and in a way-too-broad distribution of the goods. (… a lot of people made comments along those lines, too.)

Besides, for M. Pennes it’s abusive and unacceptable to use the web to discover something available through the libraries book stores [edit: sorry, a was a bit too fast on my translation for that one... ^^;].

(A side note: M. Pennes also comment on how scanlators almost never cease distribution of works licensed by French publishers – I understand his point… but I don’t think he really expects scanlators to cease distribution when the vast majority of the community doesn’t speak French, does he? Unfortunately for him though, a good number of French do understand English… but ach, this is not my debate here.)

M. Pennes next describes the vicious circle: if Japanese publishers sell less books, they’ll publish less; if foreign publishers can’t sell BL mangas, they’ll stop buying rights to the Japanese, who will have even less money to promote new mangakas… [and back to ‘publish less’].

He mentions that Japanese publishers are aware of the fans’ support, but the situation lately became too big to ignore anymore, and publishers have to take steps to protect the mangakas’ rights and the future of the publishing world in Japan and in the rest of the world – it was a struggle in France to have sellers and other professionals recognize the legitimacy of mangas, and it still is. Most adults, M. Pennes writes, don’t get the appeal of BL… if the sales drop, the book sellers will be ruthless.

He ends by hoping that I won’t let my disproportionate reaction cut me off from a beautiful world I obviously enjoy; the world of manga is evolving and soon official versions of mangas will soon be available through the the web and that, really, how could I expect anything to be free in this day and age?

M. Pennes didn’t know I wasn’t expecting anything for free and that what I was balking at was to be taken for a fool with money coming out of my ears. *sigh* But I guess I can’t hold it against Asuka – they’re very close to the community and they listens to the fans. …I also guess that soon Asuka will also be selling electronic versions of their manga… (Huh. I wonder if they’re not working right as we speak on this with Libre for a soon-to-be French digital releases?)

Click here to read Raphael Pennes’ original mail in FrenchCollapse )

I admit, I got down from the high horse I was on the last few days… but I’m still leery of Libre and I’ll keep avoiding them. I guess I’ll unbend eventually but Libre is never going to be my favorite publisher -- if I’m ever in a position to thumb my nose at them, I certainly won’t hesitate.

But I’ll wait and see, about this eManga reading site (WHY didn’t they start with this announcement instead of the C&D??? Sure they’re “in discussion with scanlation teams” at the moment, but did they really expect us to sit and wait, gaping like fools?). I’m all for paying for my fun, especially if it saves me a couple of guilt trips.

Well, that’s my take for today.

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Open letter to Libre Shuppan

Sep. 13th, 2010 | 09:05 pm
mood: depresseddepressed

I don’t know for you, but my week-end was really gloomy... That most of my favourite scanlators went down one after the other under Libre’s “Cease & Desist” letter was a heavy blow. And the reason behind it made it worse:  Libre is looking to augment its market share of the English-speaking population through Animate USA: www.animate-world.com/

“Thank you for reading our books and for your continued support” they write at the bottom... sorry L-folks, the only thing I feel right now is the urge to smash a Kindle down your throat!!...argh, though satisfying, this was an entirely inappropriate reaction. So I stomped on it and rationalized it -- then I wrote everything down and sent it to Libre. It is not nice, but at least it is not uncivilized...


Click here to read the mail I sent Libre...Collapse )


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The reason of this livejournal

Sep. 13th, 2010 | 07:48 pm
mood: irateirate

This here was created because I wished to rant against the world, or more specifically these days, against Libre Shuppan. I did not wish to do it on my regular livejournal because in the listings of the communities I belong to, most of them are friends only communities where stuff gets to be freely shared around.

... okay, you can call me paranoid. But hey, this lets me sleep easier at night.

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